“There Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Steal My Joy” – Music of the Heart

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When I saw this video on Facebook I couldn’t help the tremendous smile that came across my face as I reveled in the sublime joy of this little lady.


She was present in the moment and oblivious to judgment and the others around her. This is what I call purity of being; or as they used to say in church when I was growing up – “being filled with the holy spirit.” I must have played this proud mom’s video at least 5 times straight including grabbing my husband’s arm declaring, you must watch this adorable video!

“My six-year-old just couldn’t help break it down at church when her song started” Michael Patterson (father)


Oftentimes as adults, we feel pressured or embarrassed to express ourselves with reckless abandon because it wouldn’t be “dignified”. We worry what others think about our appearance, job, or bank account, which is a total waste of time. What matters is appreciating each moment of every day. Treasuring time spent with friends and family and the blessing of seeing another sunrise.


I often remark that kids have no filter. They just say what’s on their minds; managing to embarrass us at just the right moment.

For example, in the grocery store line: Daughter: “What does it mean when you hold up your middle finger?” Me: “It’s not nice and it’s being mean to the other person.” Daughter: (collapsing all her fingers except the middle) “But, what if my fingers accidentally fall down like this?” Me: “Just happen to?” as I notice the cashier with a giant size grin on her face. See what I mean? That incident happened over 30 years ago but I can remember it as clear as ever.

Just like the mom that posted the video, we all share in the delight of our children and relish in their bliss. This little girl will always be a reminder to me, and hopefully to you; don’t be afraid to let it all out.  I intend to take her lesson and celebrate my happiness; keeping firm in the commitment that there ain’t nothin’ gonna steal my joy!

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Written by DonnaMarie Woodson

As a writer, wife, and mother I feel it is my obligation to hold a mirror up to the world to remind us to treat others as we would wish to be treated. I’m a fighter who is a survivor of both Colon and Breast Cancer and live for every moment of every day.

My philosophy is we create our own reality so it’s up to us to live a life of peace, compassion, and love.

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