Acts of Kindness Could Change the World!

The holidays can be a magical time to share in the wonders of childhood, the anticipation of Santa and unwrapping that special gift on Christmas morning. It can also be a wonderful time for family reunions with games and hot cider in front of a fire.


But, for those less fortunate, it may represent a time of despair and loneliness; reliving memories of a lost loved one or homelessness with no presents for the children and the unbearable pain that must bring.

Writing my first article for Ginzy Magazine, Inky Johnson – The Lesson: “Be a Blessing in Someone Else’s Life”, I was introduced to this remarkable young man whose lifelong dream to play professional football and lift his family out of poverty was cut short by a tragic accident during a college game, resulting in his right shoulder and arm being paralyzed. But, despite his dream being crushed, he’s made it his mission to inspire hope and generosity with actions as much as words.

What a great philosophy; enriching the lives of others as well as our own by understanding that:


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

I’m a firm believer that the best of intentions mean nothing without action so, to encourage us to spread a little love and sunshine not only during the holidays but as a way of life, I put together a list of 5 “Acts of Kindness” to help make the world a more compassionate and kinder place to live.

Keep in mind these are just some ideas to try. Put your own personal touch on actions that would work for you; the most important part to remember is striving to be a blessing in someone else’s life.


“Acts of Kindness”

  • Spend a couple hours volunteering at a local nonprofit organization.
  • Donate goods to a local shelter.
  • Call a friend and tell them how much they mean to you.
  • Send kind words to someone getting a lot of hate on social media.
  • Send groceries to a friend who is busy and/or going through a difficult time.

We all have the power to change a life, to change the world with a simple act of kindness.

Let’s uplift the world and ourselves by reaching out, lending a hand or sharing a smile.


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Written by DonnaMarie Woodson

As a writer, wife, and mother I feel it is my obligation to hold a mirror up to the world to remind us to treat others as we would wish to be treated. I’m a fighter who is a survivor of both Colon and Breast Cancer and live for every moment of every day.

My philosophy is we create our own reality so it’s up to us to live a life of peace, compassion, and love.

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