10 Board Games from Our Childhood That Made Rainy Days Tolerable

Retro Board Games Of The 80 & 90’s

Guess Who? Retro Board Game 1988

Is it just me or has this summer been the time to reminisce like how a fat kid loves cake?  Those weekend afternoons staring out the window to a thunderstorm and wondering how you would fill your time. Then it hits you, board games!

I’ll admit that it wasn’t the easiest task most of the time to get family members or friends to play but once we dusted off those boxes we had the time of our lives. The games we had as children compared to what children have today is pretty ridiculous. Let’s be real here, most of it is digital and I don’t even want to get into discussing fidget spinners.


We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 classic board games we loved. The board games that we would still play today and have a blast. Let us know in the comments which games were your favorites! This list is not in any specific order.

1. Operation

This was probably one of my favorites growing up and Joe agrees. I think I was infatuated with the technology for some reason – I mean, it was the early 90’s after all. This game also gave me some of the worst anxiety and thought it would shock me to death. Even though this game basically gave me nightmares it still deserves the number one spot on our list. They also had a great Operation commercial with Danielle Harris that I’ll never forget.

2. Trouble

So I’ll be completely honest with you. I just liked to play this game because of the Pop-O-Matic pop noise when you push down on the dice globe. I was hoping it sounded like the commercial, I had a lot of learn at that age – Smh.


3. Guess Who?

Guess Who? was in my top five favorites growing up. That feeling you had when you would smack down the character cards and taunt your family member, oh the memories. Let’s get real for a second, who else thought Maria was sexy af? I had a mini crush on her when I was little.

4. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Now this was always an intense game for some reason. We would always break the game within a week of buying it. Me and my cousins thought the harder we hit the lever, the better chances we had to win. That theory didn’t always go over well with our parents when it came time to buying another one.

5. Sorry!

I wonder if the game of Sorry! was the motivation behind those #sorrynotsorry hash-taggers. Call me crazy but I feel as though the rules have become harder and harder with this game over the years. I used to play it all the time when I was really young, and when I went to go play it again a few years ago I was completely confused. Just me? Okay.


6. Battleship

I never really played this game to much, mainly because I didn’t own one. The commercials got me and I used to play it at my friends house. This is the one game that would frustrate me the most when I would be losing against someone that actually knew what they were doing. By far Battleship had one of the coolest commercials.

7. Connect Four

Now this game never got old. Connect Four actually took some skill to, once you knew the right formula there was no stopping you. As long as you were the first person to go, you pretty much had the game one. Yes – there usually is an advantage with this game if you go first.

8. CandyLand

CandyLand Board Game

CandyLand surprisingly has been around since the late 40’s and was/is one of there most iconic game boards. In a hilarious twist, an adult content company owned and ended up in court with Hasbro. Hasbro owned the rights to the name CandyLand. That website now redirects you to the official Hasbro website (fun fact).

9. Monopoly

Monopoly is probably responsible for ending more friendships than any other board game during our childhood years. As one Parker Brothers longest running and most popular board game, it has the most recognizable character in pop culture. You also needed to set aside so much time to finish this game.

10. The Game Of Life

My, how times change. The video here, by the way, contrasts the commercials for the games from the ‘60s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Similar to Monopoly, this game should never be undertaken unless you have an insane amount of free time to burn. Still a great game that brings back wonderful memories.


Many iconic board games are available on Amazon at low prices.

We cannot forget about the activities that bring our families and friends together. I would still play all of the board games in this list. Disconnecting from the web and spending quality time with others is what builds solid relationships. Share this with friends and let’s remember folks, it’s just a game!

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