Man Gets Hit by a Bus and Walks Away

Man nearly killed walking to the pub

Man Gets Hit By Bus and Survives

Does Simon Smith have super powers? What else could explain how this 53 year old man from Great Britain got hit by a bus and walked away?


You can see it in the video as the man is launched after being hit behind from a bus that lost control. Smith walked away with only minor cuts and bruises, which had police in disbelief. You can see in the video after he gets hit he causally gets up and walks into the pub.


The police and paramedics did not believe Mr. Smith and felt that if he was hit by a bus he would not be standing there. It wasn’t until the officers saw the video for themselves where they were convinces Smith was indeed hit by a bus.

Talk about a crazy day. Hope he at least got to enjoy his beer! Probably the most shocking and funniest thing is that he casually walks into the bar and goes about his day.


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