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Exclusive Interview With Slim From Mojo In The Morning Show

Slim from Mojo In The Morning Detroit’s hit radio show sits down with Ginzy for an interview

I think it is safe to say the morning commute is not always the highlight to my day. Especially, in Detroit. It’s cold, we have car-eating potholes, and traffic isn’t always friendly. I always have the radio to help save me from that dreaded commute. Radio shows like Mojo in the Morning to be exact!

When I say radio, I mean radio. Good old fashion morning radio shows. Not this aux cord plugging your phone in to and listening to music stuff. I’m talking actual radio. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you need to check out the Mojo in the Morning radio show on Detroit’s 95.5FM radio station. Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Slim from the Mojo in the Morning radio show.


Talking Detroit radio with Slim from Mojo in the Morning

Broadcasting out of Detroit, Mojo in the Morning is one of the hottest radio shows across multiple domains. Slim who is the audio producer has been a part of the show since 2013. The Mojo in the Morning show is a part of the iHeart media family and is also broadcasting in Grand Rapids, and Toledo.

Growing up and living in the Detroit area most of my life, I’ve always been on the listener’s side of things. Being able to get the perspective from the production side of things is very interesting. Especially when it came to Detroit as a whole and how we differ themselves from other radio listeners.

There’s nothing like Detroit radio because people are so invested and they are diehard listeners. They are like family.

Detroit radio, we’re talking about our personal lives. We’re putting our personal lives out there all the time, everyday. So people connect to that. Just like listening to music you can relate to. People gravitate to stuff they relate to.


It is amazing to know that you can wake up early and head out for the day listening to a show that can provide such entertainment. Radio isn’t just about music or hot topics, but about connecting with the audience on the personal level. That is something Slim and the Mojo in the Morning team provide with their show.

Connecting with listeners and fans

Reaching and connecting with so many people can be very rewarding. With all the shows and events Slim has been a part of with the Mojo show, he’s become a public figure in Detroit Media.

I have people who message me every single day from Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it may be. People I don’t know. I’ve never met them. And I am have conversation with these are people every single day.

Working in this type of industry that comes with the territory. You’re going to have an influence and you’re going to be a public figure. You have to be expecting those things.

I just found it really interesting how connected he was with his fans and listeners on social media. Building that relationship and bond shows how influential the radio can be.

The future of radio in the digital age

Going back to what I said earlier about plugging in your phone or MP3 player in the car. The digital age is here. I mean, do people even buy/listen to CDs anymore? The death of radio is something that has been talked about in the industry for years. How can radio survive with all the media advancements it is going up against? Easy, evolve with the digital age.

As far as morning radio, a lot of people behind the scenes say its going away. I truly don’t see it that way. Especially working in the industry and seeing how much the show I’m on has an effect on the community. It even brings in revenue for the actual company. If you create value for yourself like Mojo has its hard seeing it going anywhere.

I definitely think streaming is going to be the way for the future. Streaming just makes things so much better for the user. They can pick and chose what they want to hear.

The Mojo in the Morning show is also a part of the iHeart Media family. This allows them to be streamed and listened to all over the nation. This allows them to reach major media markets outside of Detroit.

Life and goals for Slim outside of Radio

As great of job Slim has, we all have goals and aspirations that might take us outside of our jobs. Slim is no different and had a lot of interesting things to say when we started talking about life outside of radio. Two things stuck out specifically, his love for poker and his admiration for Joe Rogen.


One goal would to be play in a big poker tournament. Not just play but actually win…Where I could win a ton of money and buy into more tournaments.

I would love to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He’s highly intelligent and the way he articulates and explains things… It’s like things I can think about, but I can’t articulate the way he does.

Rapid fire round with Slim

Me: What’s the last meal you ate?

Slim: A healthy pasta dish.

Me: What’s your favorite celebrity interaction?

SlimKevin Hart.

Me: Favorite superhero and why?

SlimNot big into superhero thing….but probably Batman.

Me: Strategy to survive a Detroit winter?

SlimGet a snuggle buddy.

Me: Anything you’d like to share with the Ginzy readers?

SlimIf you have a passion for something and you truly love it. You will find a way to make it happen…If you really want it you will figure it out and it will happen for you. If you have a passion for something really pursue it. Time tells all so just be patient with it and it will work out.

What we can learn from Slim

It was a pleasure interviewing someone that followed his passion and molded it into a career. Slim is someone we all can take a note from on how to pursue and follow your dreams.

You can head over to the 95.5 and iHeart website to learn more about Slim. Also, give him a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Be on the look out for more Ginzy interviews. In the meantime, feel free to checkout all of our entertainment posts.

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  1. Fantastic interview! I grew up in Detroit listening to Mojo in the Morning so this brought back many great memories. Thanks!

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