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Interview With Gio & Eli – Up And Coming YouTubers

The new age of media

Gio and Eli on YouTube – video source

Their honesty and “truth or dare” antics are infectious as they will challenge each other to do anything, and I do mean anything.

For example: In their first video, Gio challenges Eli to lick some disgusting goo off the floor after being “5 slapped” in the back. From the very first, they show you who they are and the type of ride you’re in for. It’s all in good fun but, if it were me, I’d be the loser every time. Lol.


To understand the brothers and their brand of humor check out their first video:

Welcome To Our Channel Q&A / WILD What Are The Odds Challenge

I can’t stop saying OMG, as my visceral reaction to watching their specific brand of antics. Right now, I’m sitting in my living room going eww! Don’t do it!! Don’t eat that! Are you crazy?! I tried to explain their exchange to my husband but, like I told him, you just have to experience them for yourself.

Also, two seconds into the video I’m flashing back to choice moments with my own children as they taunted and dared each other for bragging rights. These two guys are no different; young, crazy and free of inhibitions. Wow! My empathy is with their mom.


Gio and Elijah are brothers who live in New York and Florida respectively; they share a love of entertaining as well as a competitive sense of humor. The young boys were separated at a young age and grew up in different areas of the country but say that having lived apart for years, they get along so much better and enjoy spending their time together. Gio’s hobby is art which he also shares on a separate YouTube channel.

The brothers would love to make entertainment their full-time careers and are inspired by fellow YouTubers the Ace Family. I’m not surprised they consider the Ace Family as a favorite for their channel is all about celebrating family and sharing their blessings with their YouTube “family”.

YouTube is a perfect platform for these young comedians and creators. When asked about the positive aspects of YouTube they replied:

“Not only the 1% of Hollywood has a voice now; anyone can hop on YouTube and upload their content.”


The brothers feel some of the negatives of YouTube are:

“Definitely the trolling and negative comments by people.”

The brothers have only been creating content since August of 2017 but already have a following of 2.5K. They’re fresh and funny and real. And, I think it’s great they have this outlet to express themselves.

The first video of theirs I was treated to was Whisper/Tin Can Challenge (Allergic Reaction) The premise of the game is one person is the “Whisperer” while the other players put on headphones and blast music.

The object is to guess the phrase of the “Whisperer” to avoid eating whatever concoction is in a series of unlabeled cans. The “Eater” picks a number out of a bowl and has to take a spoonful out of the corresponding marked can. Sometimes it’s yummy like peaches, but other times, jalapeños are your punishment.

Main stream entertainment has taken a complete turn for the better in my eyes and now anyone can contribute to the platform. We are now seeing people like Gio and Eli shine and flourish.

For some, the videos could definitely be binge-worthy, although not everyone’s taste. FYI, language, grossness, pranks. But, if you’re into it like I am, check them out.

The YouTube platform has changed the landscape of the media and entertainment industry; providing the brothers the opportunity to showcase their talent and target their desired audience.

It’s also tremendously influential and can be a wonderful opportunity to share good vibes and uplifting messages.

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