Who Are The New Mutants & Why it Works as a Horror Film

The X-Men film franchise promises something different with The New Mutants movie

The X-Men film franchise released their trailer for The New Mutants last week. Not a lot of people know exactly who The New Mutants are and their connection to the X-Men films.

What really might have surprised people was that The New Mutants movie looked to be a horror/thriller film. It definitely doesn’t look like any X-Men or even comic book movie that has been released. Check it out below:


Who Are The New Mutants & How Do They Connect With The X-Men

After seeing the trailer, people not familiar with characters may be wondering who the New Mutants are. The New Mutants were developed in the 80’s by Marvel as the first spinoff of the X-Men series.

This team was made up of teenage mutants with special abilities. Just like the X-Men they attended the Charles Xavier School for gifted youngsters and were trained by Professor X. At this time all the X-Men were adults and Marvel wanted to feature a more diverse team of mutants.

Who makes up The New Mutants team in the movie

ginzy-new-mutantsOver the years the team changed and there were many X-Men characters that joined the New Mutants. The movie will feature most of the original members of the team and could add more if there is a sequel. This is who we have so far:

  • Sam Guthrie – Cannonball

    • Cannonball is a mutant who has the ability to literally turn into a rocket. He generate a thermo-chemical energy that allows his body to burst and propel through the air at blazing speed with good maneuverability.
    • Charlie Heaton will be portraying Sam Guthrie in The New Mutants. You might recognize him from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.
  • Danielle Moonstar – Mirage

    • Mirage was born a mutant with empathic psi abilities to communicate with animals. She could also create three-dimensional images of concepts from her mind on the minds of others.
    • Blu Hunt will be playing Danielle Moonstar, the Cheyenne Indian mutant. She is most known for her role on the show The Originals from The CW.
  • Robert da Costa – Sunspot

    • Sunspot is a Brazilian mutant whose cells can absorb solar energy and channel it into super strength. He can use his solar power to fly and shoot heat and concussive blasts.
    • Henry Zaga who is Brazilian much like Robert da Costs, the character he will be playing. He has done most of his work on TV with Netflix and MTV.
  • Rahne Sinclair – Wolfsbane

    • Wolfsbane has the mutant ability to transform into a wolf or somewhere in between that resembles a werewolf. While in this form she has enhanced senses of hearing, sight, and smell.
    • Maisie Williams will be playing the Scottish mutant who can turn into a wolf. She is without a doubt best known for her role in  Game of Thrones.
  • Illyana Rasputin – Magik

    •  Magik is the younger sister of the Collosus the Russian X-Man. She has the ability to teleport herself and others through time and space from one location to another. She also has the ability of sorcery which she learned while she. There is a sword also. A really cool sword called the Soulsword.
    • Anye Taylor- Joy will be portraying Illyana in The New Mutants. She is best known for her lead roll in Split. It looks like her character may be the female lead and have the most connection to the movie theme.

The New Mutants is going to be a different kind of comic book movie.

The trailer shows us that The New Mutants movies isn’t going to be your traditional X-Men movie. The thing about The New Mutants is they were written with a darker tone and their characters let them explore the mystical and horror storylines.

There was a short animatic teaser released for The New Mutants that might give a little more of an insight on how this will work as a horror movie.

The New Mutants Animatic


You have a what looks like some sort of hospital or insane asylum and also a demon bear. Yes, that is right, a demon bear. What more do you need for a horror film?

Better yet thee Demon Bear.

Demon Bear is an actual character and villain of The New Mutants from the comic books. It will be really interesting to see if the movie will use Demon Bear this way or if their will be any other villains in the film.

Future for The New Mutants Movies

This could just be the start of what could turn into a trilogy of movie for The New Mutants. Who knows maybe we will see characters like Warlock, Magma, or Rictor in future films. They could even connect to the other X-Men movies and/or the Deadpool franchise.

First, this New Mutants movie will have to have some success before we can start about a second or third one.

The New Mutants is scheduled to be released April 13, 2018. If you are interested in more of our comic and movie articles check out our archive here!

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