Who is Multiple Man & Why Is He Getting A Movie

James Franco is set to play Jamie Madrox AKA Multiple Man in R-rated X-Men Film

Fox has been been expanding their X-Men movie universe and have just added another film to the list. X-Men character Multiple Man, Jamie Madrox, will feature James Franco as the lead in his own spinoff film. The film will also feature a script by Allan Heingberg (Wonder Woman) along with Simon Kinberg from the X-Men franchises producing.

The two, Franco and Kingberg, will be working with each other again. Jame Franco just finished working on another one of Fox’s projects, Hardy Men, which Simon Kinberg wrote.


Who is Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox?

Multiple Man has actually been around for quite some times. He first appears as Jamie Madrox in Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 in 1975.  He later became a major part of the X-Men comics and their spinoff comic, X-Factor.

Multiple Man has the mutant ability to create perfect copies of himself or “dupes” as he calls them. He creates this exact duplicated of himself by kinetic energy stored from impact and sometimes at will. Imagine trying to fight someone and every time you hit them another person appears. He also duplicates himself by snapping his fingers or stomping on the ground.

ajax9-multiple-man-dupeIt isn’t certain exactly how many duplicates Multiple Man can make of himself. It is believed to be limitless considering each duplicate had the exact same powers as the original Multiple Man or Madrox “Prime”. All of his dupes also have a mind of their own which is telepathically linked to Madrox Prime. He can also absorb the dupes along with their memories, skills and knowledges of that dupe.

As interesting as his mutant powers sound, Multiple Man is not a mainstream X-Men character. Having his very own movie may have a lot of fans wondering how this movie could work.


A Multiple Man Movie Can Work

A solo Multiple Man movie might not be the best choice for an X-Men standalone film. Multiple Man isn’t not the must popular of X-Men characters. He’s actually never been an X-Men. That does not mean Multiple Man hasn’t carved his own place in the X-Men lore.

It is even to the point where Multiple Man has his own solo comic series, X-Factor Investigations. The movie could use the comics as a base for their story and develop it out to include the rest of the X-Men movie universe.

Even in the early stages the movie has been rumored to have a good production team. With James Franco starring and Jamie Madrox and also co-producing with Simon Kingberg the movie is in a good position. Kinberg has been the executive produced on the previous X-Men films. On top o that, Kinberg will make his directorial debut with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. With a Hollywood star committed to the role and movie, and the X-Men godfather in Kinberg, the Multiple Man movie is in a good spot.

Will Multiple Man Have An R Rating

Another reason the movie might work is if the go the R rated route like they did with Deadpool and Logan. While other studios shy away from R rated superhero films, Fox has shown that it can be done. Both Deadpool and Logan are R rated films that had huge success. Jame Franco himself even expressed his interest in the film and a R rating in a recent interview.



I do have a superhero that I am developing. I don’t know how much I can say. But I will say I am producing and performing in it. It’s early stages. I think probably what I can say is, like anything, there’s a need to develop more. Our bottom line MO is, how can we push this into new ground? A little bit, but still make it entertaining? [But] what I love about what Simon Kinberg and Fox and the X-Men people have done with Deadpool and Logan, it took a while to get there, maybe 10 years, but they are going to go hard R. And we’re going to take this superhero thing and really just push it into a new genre. So we’re working with Simon Kinberg on an X-Men property.

It’s always exciting to hear actors behind their roles and movies. With Franco committed to the movie and his working relationship with Kinberg, it will be interesting to see how they develop this movie out.

You can view the full interview with Franco from the Hollywood Reporter here.

Connections To Other X-Men Movies

Fox has a bunch of X-Men movies slated for the future. Adding Multiple Man to the X-Men movie universe opens up connections to other X-Men Movies. Multiple Man has a background with all the films featuring X-Men characters. It is very easy to think he could show up in a Deadpool or X-Force movie or vice versa.

It will be exciting to see how this movie develops with the rest of the X-Men movies. Hopefully this is a trend in the right direction and the X-Men will finally have a legitimate movie franchise.

Ginzy will keep you updated with all the news that comes out surrounding the Multiple Man and other X-Men movies. Check out our article on the New Mutants movie.

If superhero movies is your stuff check out our comics section.

Let us know what you think about Multiple Man getting his own movie. Will it work? What other characters do you want to see? Drop a line in the comment section below.


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