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Marvel Inhumans: Some Cool & Not So Cool Things About the Trailer

Marvel & ABC give us the first full trailer for Inhumans

Marvel has finally released the first full trailer for the upcoming show – Inhumans. Inhumans was originally going to be a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but the plans changed and they are debuting as a TV show.


Well, sort off… See the Inhumans will actually air the first two episodes in IMAX theaters.

You can see the first two episodes of Inhumans in IMAX starting September 1, 2017. If you are not a part of the IMAX craze and would just rather wait, ABC will be airing the show from the beginning on Septermber 29, 2017.

Any Inhuman fan has to be wondering if this show is going to deliver. Based on the trailer, there are reasons to be optimistic. There are also reasons to be a little uncertain. Here are some of the cool and not so cool parts of the Inhumans trailer.


Cool Things About the Inhumans Trailer

  • Lockjaw
    • A giant teleporting bulldog has never looked so awesome. The special effects that brought Lockjaw to life looked awesome!
  • Gorgon’s Hooves Stomp
    • Gorgon is known as the aggressor among the Inhuman royal family. While he doesn’t have his true Inhuman form it was awesome to see him have hooves and put them to work.
  • Karnak’s Fighting
    • Karnak is a martial artist who has the ability to find the weakness in anything and then exploit it. So it was real awesome watching him kick ass in the trailer.

Not So Cool Things About the Inhumans Trailer

  • No Mask for Black Bolt
    • The biggest disappointment so far has to be that Black Bolt isn’t wearing his classic mask. The mask, which also has Black Bolt’s antenna, is a big part of how he controls his powers in the comics. Hopefully we see him with it before the show ends.
  • Triton’s appearance
    • We see Triton at about the 1:15 mark in the video. I thought it was Jim Carey from The Mask. It wasn’t going to be easy to make Triton look awesome in a live-action show. He is an all green aquatic Inhuman, but they could’ve done a little better than this.
  • No Terrigen Mists
    • One of the biggest parts of the Inhuman mythology is the use of the terrigen crystals and mist. The crystals and mists are what give the Inhumans their powers. It will be interesting if they play a part in the show.

It’s going to be exciting to see what the show is going to do with the Inhumans franchise. It’s just the first trailer so there is still a lot we haven’t seen.


Marvel will release more promos and probably another trailer closer to the release date. Based on what the first trailer showed us, do you think the Inhumans tv show is going to be a hit or flop?

What are you most interested in seeing?

Feel free to leave a comment letting us know!

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