5 Things We Learned From The Venom Trailer

The Venom Movie Featuring Tom Hardy Releases First Teaser Trailer

The Venom trailer finally gives us our first look at the Venom Movie starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock AKA Venom. Venom is mainly featured as a villain or ant-hero in Spider-Man comics. The Venom host, Eddie Brock, is also a Spider-Man character with deep ties to the spider-verse.

He gets covered in this space ooze and turns into this psychopathic rage of a manbeast alien thing. The thing with Venom is he is two living creatures bonded together. Eddie Brock is the host and human side of Venom. While the symbiote is the alien creature that covers and bonds to his body turning Eddie into Venom.


The thing with Venom is that as much as he is a villain, he also is an anti-hero. Venom kills, he definitely kills, but as Eddie Brock begins to control the symbiote he kills for different reasons.

I am not sure on how a Venom movie will work WITHOUT Spider-Man.

I had no idea where they could go with a Venom movie. They’ve been pretty tight lipped about the movie too. There has not been much promotion outside of a couple teaser pics on Tom Hardy’s Instagram.

Now we finally have a Venom trailer! Oh, and it sure did give us some major clues on how the Venom movie is going to work. Check out the Venom trailer below:


5 Things We Learned From The Venom Trailer

1. The Venom movie takes place in San Francisco

We get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge early in the Venom trailer indicating that the film will take place in San Francisco. San Francisco might not be New York, but Venom does have a tie to San Fran in the comics.

San Francisco is where the comic series “Lethal Protector” takes place. Both director, Ruben Fleischer and actor, Tom Hardy have stated the Venom movie will draw inspiration from the Lethal Protector comic series.

2. Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Ann Weying is in the movie

We also get our first look at Michelle Williams as Ann Weying. In the comics Ann is Eddie Brock’s ex-wife who often came between the Venom symbiote and Brock.

Ann would beg and plead with Brock to take control over the symbiote, which would always cause a dilemma for Venom.

Ann also herself becomes a host for the Venom symbiote and becomes She-Venom in the comics.

3. There is huge accident from space

One thing we know is that the symbiotes are from space. Meaning they have to get to Earth somehow. I’m guessing that the giant accident we see in the trailer has something to do with the symbiote’s arrival.

The fact that the accident does look massive makes me wonder if the symbiotes caused it? If not, then what and how does Eddie Brock end up as the host of one?

4. Carlton Drake and the Life Foundation may be the villain

The trailer also gives us our first look at as Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake. Drake is a villain from both Spider-Man and Venom comics. While he does not possess any super powers, he is very knowledgeable with symbiotes.

Dr. Drake is also the leader of the Life Foundation. In the comics the Life Foundation capture Venom and extract other symbiotes from him to use for their own means. This goes back to the Venom comic series “Lethal Protector” as the Life Foundation were featured villains in that storyline.


5. There is more than one symbiote

The scene we see Dr. Drake, is the same scene we see that there are at least two symbiotes in canisters. One of them goes to Eddie Brock, but what about the other? Also, we only see two. There could be more.

The Life Foundation actually forms 5 more symbiotes from the Venom one in the comics. These however look already separated. It will be interesting to see what direction the movie goes with the symbiotes. I have a strong feeling we will be seeing someone other than Eddie Brock attached to a symbiote in the movie.

What Does This Mean for the Venom Movie?

venom-teaser-poster-ginzyWe didn’t see Eddie Brock in full Venom costume, but we did get some big teases. Putting all the clues together from the trailer we can kind of guess the direction the Venom movie is going in. If the story is put together correctly this could open up for a whole new franchise of Venom movies.

The thing is, while Venom may be a Spider-Man character, he has shown to carry his own storylines in the comics. He is a fan favorite across the Marvel universe.

With the movie introducing multiple symbiotes we could get some other major characters. In fact, IMDB even points to Donna Diego who becomes the host for the symbiote Scream. The strange thing is there are two actresses credited to play this character.

Before the Venom trailer I thought there was no way this could work without Spider-Man. After the Venom trailer I am thinking who needs Spider-Man. Of course this is just a tease, but it was enough to get me excited for the Venom movie. Still there are so many questions we have unanswered.

Questions We Still Have About the Venom Movie

Who is Woody Harrelson playing?

We know Woody Harrelson is going to be in the Venom movie. We just don’t know who the hell he is playing. Production has been very tight lipped about his character. Even IMDB doesn’t have a clue and they have Tom Holland as Peter Parker rumored to be in the movie.

The popular guess would be Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage. Now, if they bring Carnage into the fold so soon, I’m not sure where they can go with the future of Venom. The trend with comic movies is they work they way up to the ultimate bad guy throughout the films. Maybe they just introduce Cletus Kasady and not carnage then go from there. Either way, when you attach a name like Woody Harrelson to a film you expect his character to be a bad ass.

cletus-kasady-carnage-ginzyDoes Tom Holland show up in Venom?

The rumors have been flying around the internet about Tom Holland showing up in Venom. According to the interwebs he won’t be showing up as Spider-Man but as Peter Parker. This makes sense, but doesn’t make sense.

Venom takes place in San Francisco and Peter Parker is a resident of the Big Apple. So what brings Peter to San Fran? And isn’t he suppose to protecting the world from Thanos? (another story for another time)

There is a strong connection between Eddie Brock and Peter Parker in the comics. Their relationship is what leads Brock to become Venom and basically hunt and try to kill Spider-Man. It would make sense to introduce that dynamic now and see if it plays out later.

What are your thoughts on the Venom trailer and movie?

We should see plenty of more footage from the Venom movie in the months to come. I’m looking forward to seeing all the pieces come together and just how far this movie will go. Plus, I’m sure like the rest of you, I’m dying to see Tom Hardy in the full venom suit.

What are you all excited for? Any guesses as to who Woody Harrelson is play? Let me know in the comments section below. I love discussing all things comics. Don’t by shy!

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