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Top 5 Moments From The 2nd Captain Marvel Trailer

Captain Marvel shows off her ass kicking skills in new trailer

Captain Marvel Movie

Marvel Studios Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the next big productions coming from the masterminds over at Marvel Studios. The film features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel in an origin story the pits her in the middle of a galactic war.

The second trailer gives us some clues on and provides us with some great footage. Teasing fans with information only to further grow their anticipation. You can check it out below:


Watch Captain Marvel Trailer 2

Trailer Breakdown

This trailer was just awesome! There was a lot going in those 2 minutes. If you don’t play close attention you might miss some big reveals.

That’s why I’m here to help guide you. I will walk you through and break it down to the top 5 moments.

Top 5 Moments From Captain Marvel Trailer 2

  1. The Skrulls vs Kree war
    • Carol explains to Nick Fury that the Skrulls are the bad guys and the Kree are “a race of noble warrior heroes”.
    • Captain Marvel seems to be the focal point between the Kree and Skrull war which now seems to have found its way to Earth.
  2. The Skrulls have invaded Earth
    • Skrulls have the ability to shape shift and make themselves appear like any human. We see this when Carol tries to punch her an old lady’s face off.
    • The Skrulls have infiltrated deep inside government agencies and gained a lot of power while disguised.
  3. Carol was found by the Kree
    • We learn a little bit about Carol’s origin and that she was found by the Kree with no memory. They turned her into one of them to live longer and stronger.
    • This scene is our first look at Annette Bening’s character. There is still no confirmation as to who she is playing. Perhaps the Kree Supreme Intelligence? Hey, it is just a guess.
  4. The mystery of Carol’s past is key
    • We know Carol finds her way back to earth where she has no memory of her previous life their. Nick Fury will join her on the search for her past and answers.
    • Once she finds answers she realizes the Kree life she was living may not have been everything she was made to believe.
  5. We meet Goose Carol’s cat
    • Those of you that read the Captain Marvel comic’s know that she has a cat as a sidekick. In the comics it is named Chewie, but the movie has changed it to Goose.
    • Also, in the comics her cat is not actually a cat. It is a flerken. Which is an alien species that look just like cats but have some special abilities. It will be interesting to see if Goose is a super alien cat in the movie.

Captain Marvel Movie Excitement

All in all, Captain Marvel looks like one hell of a ride! Outer space warfare between different alien races, with a super powered hero and her pet cat. Yeah, you can count me!


The film continues to build up excitement with fans. This trailer really gave us an inside look what we can expect from the Captain Marvel movie.  Marvel rarely disappoints and it’s looking like they will be able to add another blockbuster to their collection.


What do you think about the new footage that was released with this trailer. Are you even more excited for Captain Marvel? Please, let me know in the comments.

Captain Marvel premiers in theaters March 8, 2019. You can view full details about the movie on IMDB.

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Captain Marvel Movie

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